Friday, April 19, 2013


Recently, PSY introduced his new song " Gentleman". When i watched his new music video, i thought he understood USA's Music Market and knew exactly what he needs to do.
I also thought he crossed his line to go too far and his latest music was too much with sexual contents. He didn't mention that obviously, but He knew that was the way to go another hit.

Also, He brought a lot of famous comedians into his new music video and created very comical video. i thought that was interesting to cover sexual contents.

Psy explains "I'm looking for a chef!

I would like to be Chef for PSY. My fusion style of korean food will be perfect to match with PSY's Gentleman and PSY's Kangnam Style!.

Get the Real Solar Impulse Experience ; Solar Impulse Across America Flight

Bayer invited me to Nasa Ames Reserch Center and I went there to see "Solar Impulse Across America Flight".
It was interesting to see that Kokam battery from that airplane. I actually used the same Kokam battery for my 1st handheld portable recording device more than 10 years ago and I had to negotiate to reduce 48% of actual battery cost. It was big win for my company at that time and my company was able to save big money!!.
So, It was interesting to see the same battery company's product is in Solar Impulse airplane and had some sort of emotional attach to that.
KoKam battery is a great company and they have own technology.  you don't need to pay loyalty on rechargeable battery. If you ever need that, i highly recommend you to check out Kokam battery which is KOREAN COMPANY!!.