Sunday, October 31, 2010

How to get rid of the fishy smell and taste of fish?!!

1. Use white vinegar or buttermilk.

You can marinates them in diluted white vinegar for 30 minutes
or so. Sometimes he would use buttermilk instead.
Either one gives a delicious flavor to the fish and draws
out the “fishy” flavor. It is Cheap, easy, and natural, and it
doesn’t add a weird flavor at all.

2. Soak in the sea-salt water. 

You can make a sea-salt water (32 oz water to 1 Tbsp ) and
soak the fish fillets for 15 mins and wash them with a clean
water, before you cook.

3. Soy-bean paste. 

 The proteins from the soy bean paste can absorb the fishy
smell.So, You can add soy bean paste , when you make a
soup with fish.

4. Green tea leaf.

 Rid your hands of the fish or garlic oils by rubbing them with
wet green tea leaves, an instant deodorizer. The leaves are
also great for deodorizing the pan in which you cook fish. As
well, rub wet tea leaves on cutting boards to remove odors.

5.  Beer.

 Before you cook the fish fillets, you can soak them in beer
for 10 mins and remove fishy smell.

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