Monday, September 06, 2010

Tips to zip it on your food bill.

1. Check your own kitchen first and make a list for grocery shopping.
There are food items that you should always keep in your pantry and the fridge. Bread, eggs, milk , potato,...etc
Check these out first and make a list .

2. Price check for every day food items.
Don’t stick to only one grocery retailer. When you have extra time, Take your time to check out other grocery retailers that you haven’t checked out yet. Some items are cheaper than others and you can compare the prices for the items that you always need to buy.

3. Use Coupon power!

Don’t just throw away coupons and store flyers for bargains. If you use them well, you will save a lot of $. ( Manufacture coupons from the news paper, Coupons from Flyers...etc ). I made my own coupon book from a few sheets of plastic sheets and an old checkbook cover. I clean it out every two weeks. If any coupon is expired, I toss them out and keep the really good coupons in front page so that I don’t miss out on the good deals.

4. Vegitable and Fruit : Buy small and one or two kinds only.
Try to buy just enough or less amount. If you buy them too much, It will go in the trashcan easily. Also, don’t buy too many items at once. It is hard to eat them all. Also, Enjoy seasonal items. It is cheaper and fresher.

5. Forget the fancy grocery store and brand loyalty.
If you go to a fancy grocery store, everything is expensive. It is totally not necessary. You can buy some of the same items from cheaper stores near by. But, When you buy cheese products , bread and preserved products, Focus on quality. Don’t try to save your money by buying really cheap stuff like cheese. You will regret the lower quality and taste.

6. If you can freeze them, buy a larger portion.
Potato, Onion, Green onion , Rice, beans and meats. You can separate each meal amount and freeze them. You can use Ziploc bags and keep them for a long time. It will save more $ than buying a small portion. I can teach you how to freeze them properly.

7. Open your refrigerator if you are not sure what to cook.
Sometimes, It is painful to think of what to cook today. The answer is inside of your refrigerator. Check out items that you have from there. You will find the menu to cook for today. That way, you will not have any food waste that goes to the trashcan everyday.

8. Don’t go out for grocery shopping when you are hungry.
When you are hungry, you can buy unnecessary items easily, because you have more temptation about food. So, It is good to go out and exercise after a meal. Walk around the large grocery stores or even ride a bike to get there. It is also nice to go during the week to avoid long line at the cashier on the weekends.

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