Friday, September 24, 2010

My gardening story.... =)

-- SEP . 24 , 2010 -- 
< Avocado growing dairy >  
I started to try avocado seeds. It has been a week, but didn't do anything so far... How long should i wait???

< Sage growing dairy >
I just bought this yesterday. It already expired date, when i bought this from the store, but they still charged the full price for it. I'm not sure it will grow well or not. Right now, it is so dried.

< Rosemary growing dairy >
I added water, but it is still too dry. I need to watch them to see , whether they can survive or not....

< Sweet basil growing dairy >
I went to the round table pizza  the other day and tried chicken pasta. they added some type of green leaf, and i think that was sweet basil. So I bought this to try for my food.

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