Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fruit Sa-ra-da

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Fruit Sa-ra-da
Japanese pronounced Salad as Sarada!

Main Ingredients : 1 fuji apple , Mayo, Raisin, fake crab meat, sunkist almond accents( sliced almonds), shredded cheddar
* Did you have some left-over from making kim-baq? Don’t worry, I can show you how to use them.

Preparation 1.Left-over ham and crab meat. You can put any things you like to add into salad.
2. Fake crab meat : Chopped to about 1” size.
3. Cut apple with cubic size.
4. Sliced almond.
5. Shredded cheddar/Jack cheese.( Any shredded cheese is fine )
Cooking Instruction. 1. Put all of ingredients in the bowl and added some raisin.
2. Add Mayo and mix them.
3. Mix them before you serve.

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