Friday, September 17, 2010

All about " Korea"!! You will love this.

About Korea....
The history of Korea stretches from Lower Paleolithic times to the present. The earliest known Korean pottery dates to around 8000 BC, and the Neolithic period began before 6000 BC, followed by the Stone Age around 2500 BC. According to the Samguk Yusa and other Korean medieval-era records, the Gojoseon (Old Joseon) kingdom was founded in 2333 BC in basins of Liao river, eventually stretching from the peninsula to much of Manchuria. By the 1st Century BC, it disintegrated into many successor states.

Korea's Music!!!
The First Album

Girs Generation
Run Devil Run.

Girs Generation
Baby Baby.

Girs Generation.

My favorites from "KBS World"! ( It is from the public channel. You don't need Comcast or dish )
* Most of these have subtitle in "English"!!!
It is Funny and educational. Not crazy extreme American programs with a whole bunch of commercials every 15 mins. These american shows are very extreme, they test us to see how far people can handle the extreme stuffs.
Watch something that everyone can watch together. real human's life.. and fun stuff from funny celebrities. 
Find out the channel from this website.

Invincible Youth

The nation is currently witnessing the best days of girl bands! Meet G7, a new group of girls that are emerging as a new culture icon. Members of some of the most popular girl bands find themselves at a farm village in the mountains. Check out the kind of farm life the girls get to lead! Watch the reality program, 'Invincible Youth', where idol stars experience all kinds of funny incidents as they try to adjust to provincial life.

Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho

Gumiho, the nine-tailed fox which has shape-shifting abilities, endures 10 harsh years of marriage in order to become a human. However, her husband breaks his promise the night before the ten-year mark. Betrayed Gumiho leaves her husband with her 9-year-old daughter Yeoni, who has inherited the moth...

Two days and One night

Kang Hodong and the friends take off on a memorable road-trip around Korea! Instead of fancy studio, this variety show takes place in nature. They travel to the rural side, the fishing towns and the mountains. Meet the welcoming smiles of our neighbors and the beautiful nature that cleanse our eyes.

Happy Together

Celebrities reveal their talents, personalities and participates in various forms of games, talks and dramatized set ups. “Cabinet Talk. What is This?” Celebrities put their personal objects in the cabinets. They open up their special episodes that they have with the items. “Sauna Conte” Panels set a scene as the neighbors gather in the sauna. They can freely talk, but shouldn’t laugh while they’re talking. If one started to laugh, water pistols shoot water to all the guests.

Screening Humanity

"Screening Humanity" is a new kind of documentary that is a continuous series of thirty-minute episodes and is different from 60-minute documentaries that end with a final conclusion. Different from the cold viewpoint of the camera that follows the serene everyday life of the main characters, the view in the camera lens is like an episode of a drama. “Screening Humanity” is the view through a microscope. The lens captures the everyday life of our surroundings and presents the people’s story..

Qualifications of Men

Qualifications of Men - 101 Things Men Should do Before Death There are things worth trying in your lifetime before you die. The cast of this show will experience it for you. You become a real man and enrich your life as you go for the challenges you have always wanted to do, must do or felt right doing. Cast: Lee Gyeong-gyu, Kim Kuk-jin, Kim Tae-won, Lee Yun-seok, Kim Seong-min, Lee Jeong-jin, Yun Hyeong-bin and their mentor.

Mysteries of the Human Body

“Losing Health Is Losing Everything!” The 20th Century medicine and science offered many treatments and almost doubled the average lifespan. As the society starts to face the aging problem, what become the most important is not just to be healthy but to live a healthy and fun life. 'Mysteries of The Human Body' introduces comprehensive view on our everyday lives and seeks to present a way to increase “happiness index” and “healthy life style index.”

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